Welcome to the world of LadyL411 – The Alchemist of Sensuality. Become a member and satisfy your voyeuristic curiosities. “What might I see, you ask?” Perhaps a peak of some panties or a glimpse of a stocking, among other sensual delights. These things and many more surprises await you when you become a member! Click here to go to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LadyL411

I am in the business of helping others create more intimacy in their relationships and add more sensuality and spice to their lives. My message is about sex positivity and about how sexuality is a normal and natural part of life. I desire to expand my business and bring it to a wider audience and in order to do that I need a little help and that is where my wonderful Patreon members come into play. 

I have been blogging about sexuality, sensuality and creating intimacy since 2012 and since my blog is primarily about sexuality I am unable to monetize it plus since the passing of the Sesta/Fosta bill it is getting more and more difficult to talk about or promote anything having to do with sexuality, even in a positive light (I also have a YouTube channel which I am not able to monetize either). I am happy to have found Patreon as a vehicle for me to share the content that I produce and have a way to make money from it.

If you become a member this is what I have to offer: 

  • I have literally 1000’s of professional photos of me modeling in the retro/vintage pinup style (complete with accurate clothes, props, hair and makeup), some are implied nudity, lingerie and sexy outfits, plus I have some modern day and fetish stuff too. Only a very small percentage of these photos have been seen by other people so most of them would be exclusive content.
  • Tarot readings from my Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques deck (the most beautiful women of the early 20th Century echo tarot’s traditional images in a deck offering divinatory depth, power and delight). I will periodically do readings for the group collective of members and I will post them here on Patreon.
  • Recipes made with libido enhancing foods, plus natural bath, body and home care recipes to help you bring more sensuality into your life.
  • Tips, hints, ideas, articles and stories to help you create more sensuality, intimacy and add more spice to your life. Along with tips and ideas to help boost confidence and to more feel sexy. 
  • About 75% of the content that I would be sharing on here would be exclusive content and the other 25% would not be. I would be sharing posts from my blog and videos from my YouTube channel here on Patreon (which of course those would not be exclusive content) however over on my blog and YouTube channel I have tons of juicy content that will also help you to create even more spice to your life, blog/video’s about sexuality & health plus I have guest contributors on a regular basis that share their heartfelt stories regarding sexuality, sensual recipes, helpful advice and more, much more!

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Writer, story teller and glamour gal. I love to combine the magic of sexuality and spirituality together. My favorite things are reading, music, sensuality, exploring fetishes, vintage clothing, antiques, classic cars, reading tarot cards, pin-up & fetish modeling, cooking healthy foods, road trips and hiking. Lover of cats living in the Pacific Northwest. Meow!

Website: http://LadyL411.com