I am here to proudly announce Lillian Fiona is the first Kitten of the Month that is a trans woman! You all know that I love featuring strong, confident and beautiful ladies and I knew the moment I met Lillian Fiona that she was the most purrrrrrfect candidate for The Kitten of the Month. In the past I have only had cis gender women as the Kitten of the Month and one day I was struck with this feeling of guilt that I was not being the best role model that I can be however before that I was pretty oblivious, I totally support the LGBTQ community but yet only having cis women and zero trans women featured as a Kitten of the Month on my website made me feel like quite the hypocrite and once I came to this realization I knew I had to remedy it ASAP!


I met Lillian Fiona at a kinky brunch last month, I was working in the kitchen doing the food prep and she was one of my helpers. One of the things that I loved the most about her was how articulate and straight forward, open and honest her communication was while she was helping out in the kitchen. She openly talked about being a trans woman and about doing porn and modeling; she spoke about how she did not like how trans people are treated in the porn industry. Then she started speaking about her own personal project and mission which I could tell she was not only passionate about but down right on fire about it! This mission and project is: Bad Bunnies Porn Collective.

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More about Bad Bunnies Porn Collective: It is a hardcore all-inclusive mainstream porn collective. Lillian Fiona is the master mind behind the Bad Bunnies Porn Collective, she recognized the need for change for trans people in the porn community and filling missing niches in the community also. Bad Bunnies Porn Collective is a body-inclusive collective and forum meant to unite the thousands of disparate, freelance, trans and ally cam stars (you do not have to be a trans person to be a part of Bad Bunnies as long as you are an ally and friendly to the LGBTQ community you can totally be a part of this collective), sex performers, photographers, videographers, artists, entrepreneurs and regional kinksters to work together locally and globally to create amazing porn content that would not be possible any other way.


I find Lillian Fiona an amazing and lovely person who is also very inspirational. Here are just some of the things that she loves in life: Electronic music, cannabis, intersectional feminism, horror movies, giving strangers crushes on her, cuddling dogs and people, and the great and terrible wonders of the modern world.

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Also here are some of the things in life that are important to her and these are her words: “What’s important to me is inclusion. People don’t seem to realize that by excluding so many people from their daily lives, they are restricting the possibilities of growth and pleasure for themselves. It is a total loss, and it could be so much more. For this reason, I love being the first trans woman for things. If my presence can break that spell of exclusion, then I am happy to be there.”

Well that is it for now, I am so excited for Lillian Fiona and the Bad Bunnies Porn Collective venture!


Lady L

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  1. OOhh Lady L … Thank you sooo MUCH..!! OOOhh YES !! I am such a Lillian fan… She is sooo very very sexy and sooo delightful,,,,!! UUUmmm,,!1 Hugs kisses…

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