Model: Elle Le Blanc/Lady L -The Alchemist of Sensuality Photo: Images by JD

I have been been doing tarot, oracle & rune readings for several years. I specialize in readings for relationships, romance, love & intimacy.

I do readings with my Le Tarot des Femmes Erotiques deck: The most beautiful women of the early 20th Century echo tarot’s traditional images in a deck offering divinatory depth, power and delight. These cards provide an intimate window in history and they are an esoteric tool of personal discovery.

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Rave Reviews:

“Elle’s tarot card reading is like no other! Her compassionate demeanor, set in such a comfortable environment soothed my anxiety & set my mind at ease. Her patient & attentive approach allowed me to open up & express my inner most personal inquiries. Her vast knowledge & informative style left me quite satisfied. I look forward to many more sessions w/ this insightful & caring human being.” ~ Richard Gambert

“Elle is a wonderful Tarot reader. She is insightful, sensitive and intuitive. She gave good guidance in what lay ahead and helped read the cards in an open and unbiased manner. I gained many insights from her reading. Will definitely see her for another reading!” ~ Kris Petosa

“In the past, I have been doubtful about tarot card readings along with other forms of mysticism. Though that is a trait one tends to pick up when growing up in a strictly secular household. Yet, to my surprise I found my reading to be a really enlightening experience.

The three cards that were drawn described my life with such surprising accuracy. The first card that was drawn was Two of Pentacles, which described my struggle between my work life and my non-work life. This is true as I do have a hard time with balancing out my work with my job and going to college, but I do know how and when to have fun and/or relax. The second card drawn was The Scholar, which really described me well. As someone who values his education and aspires to be a renowned writer, The Scholar really does indicate that I seek the ultimate power of my very own mind. The third and final card is the Defeat of the Mind, which at first sounds like a negative thing, but really it isn’t. It is really about accepting defeat, enduring setbacks. These are lessons for personal growth, so that one may someday grow stronger than ever before. This card tells one to take the harsh road ahead, acknowledging the great hardship and harshness it will bring, but in the end, it is this road that ultimately leads to a happy ending. Or at least, a bittersweet one. After this session, I felt like I had a little better understanding of myself and what I want out of my life. As a result, these three cards have become precious to me and therefore I was grateful to get a snapshot of them. Regardless of who you are, I do highly recommend Lady L’s tarot card readings. Not only are they insightful, but they are fun and even a little artsy and erotic”. ~ Peter Schneider