So, where we left off last time is I am in isolation and committed to staying at home unless it is necessary. Every day I have been busy busy just doing stuff all the while my body and mind have been crying out for solace, peace and rest. I was defiant because I had the need to be productive but what was really going on was this…if I did not stop and just kept going, I would not actually have to face what was really going on. Even though I was all to aware of what was going on because I was faced with it every day. In the media and every time, I called or texted somebody, the first topic at hand was how are you doing despite all of this. I was a little bit in denial I guess if I did not slow down, I could just bypass the grief, right? Well it does not work that way because if you don’t you usually end up in a puddle/ having a melt down and it may decide to hit you while you are in a very public place.

Today I woke up at 6:30 am, it is an ungodly hour is it not? I did this because I had to go to the grocery store which sooner or later becomes a necessary evil. I don’t really enjoy grocery shopping much and grocery shopping during a pandemic is even worse. It is a half hour walk to the store, one way. I enjoyed the walk, it was quiet out, except for the birds and a bit of traffic. I had to get there early you know because of the early shopping time slot devoted to the elderly and those of us with compromised immune systems, like me because I have asthma. I had on my gloves and a bandana tied around my face. By the time I was done my eyes were bugging out of head and my skin was crawling. It was like with every turn of the cart the boogie man was going to jump out at me or like the devil was at my door and he was now knocking.

By the time I got home I was exhausted, but I had to put my groceries away, clean my surfaces and change my clothes. Then after that I had to cook and eat. By the time I was done I was even more tired, and I laid down to have a little nap. As I drifted in and out of sleep my body felt strange kind of like it had electricity running through it and numb all at the same time. Plus, my bones felt a little achy which is not too unusual with having chronic pain and all. So, now I am going back into isolation and I am going to try to balance my busy-ness with my rest. I feel like I need to take a break from doing these updates everyday because I am starting to feel chained to having to do them and I do not like that feeling. Also, since I am heading into more isolation, will I even have anything of interest to say. Oh, I know sooner or later I will always have something at least mildly interesting to say. My other question is anyone out there and does anyone care? No matter, you have not heard the last from me…

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Peace & Love!


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