So, today’s blog post I am going to keep short because I am exhausted. I had everyone and their dog contacting me because I have a few interesting things in the works. So, we left off at me having all these scary encounters on public transit along with my place of business closing on Monday the 16th. The next day I had some errands to run especially since places were being closed left and right. However, none of these errands involved stock piling 20 pack cases of toilet paper. Then I felt kind of panic-key knowing my sole source of income had come to an end and then I kept feeling the need to start making content to sell to make up for that. When honestly, I really felt like I just wanted to go to bed and cover my head with blankets. I was feeling very tired, like I could sleep for days. I got done with my errands and came home. I connected with one of my co-workers who wanted to work with me on creating content.

The next day my co-worker and I went on a wild goose chase. One of my friends wanted to give her and I some money and food. So, we took two busses and the train to get out there and he never answered the door because he was asleep and works graveyard shift. So, we had to come back empty handed. It took us over 3 hours round trip. We got back to her place and ate some lunch. After that her neighbor, she and I had a photo shoot with a photographer across town to get some photos so we would have some content to hopefully start selling. This all took place during the time when the media and doctors were saying you can go out if you really must. Before everything was on lock down. We considered getting content necessary thing because it could mean the difference between buying toilet paper or having to wipe with an old sock or having a can of soup to eat rather than starving…. To be continued.

*Also, if you are interested in helping me out during this chaotic time, I have a crowd fund set up through Patreon. Patreon was created to help connect artists with patrons. It is a monthly membership site with memberships starting off at $5 and up. You will get access to tons of exclusive content such as sexy photos, sexy stories, videos of me pole dancing and much more!

Peace & Love!


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