I have decided to document my life and thoughts during this time of pandemic. So, in my last blog post I wrote about one of the creepy public transit encounters. Now I have a few others to share. These encounters all happened the week before my work closed which was on March 16th, 2020. One evening I had just gotten off work at the club I dance at and I went to the bus stop and there was this big old drunk guy with a huge bottle of booze sticking out of his coat pocket. He asked me how I was doing and after that we exchanged some dialog back and forth. I was committed to remain civil especially since I may run into him again at this bus stop in the future. However, I just wanted to tell him to bugger off, but I didn’t. Finally, the bus pulls up and I head to the back to get as far from that guy as possible. He sits down up at the front and he says very loudly to me it was nice to talk to you. I nodded my head, then he continues to try to hold a conversation with me while we are quite a distance from each other. I just ignore him and look down at my phone. Then he says to me when will you be at that bus stop next? Red flag, red flag, red flag! I tell him I don’t really know in a few weeks possibly and this was before we officially closed at my workplace.

So, this other guy that is sitting across the aisle of the bus from me decides to pick up where the old drunk dude left off and now this guy is making random small talk with me. He was telling me that the old drunk dude is just a weirdo and of course I agreed. The guy across from me was going on and on about the situation in the world and I am looking at him pretending to listen, but I am not there, mentally that is. He looks over at the seat next to me which has my hard-shell suitcase on wheels that I use for work on top of it. He says oh it looks like you are traveling. I said no I use that for work (the only reason why I mentioned that I use it for work is because traveling is a touchy topic right now with the pandemic going on. So, I didn’t want to allude to traveling for fear he might freak out on me). Then he says to me…oh where do you work at? My response to him was, do you really think I want to sit here on this bus and have a discussion with you about where I work at and what I do for a living??? Then he says yeah good point. A few stops later he gets off which was great because he was just starting to get creepy.

The next day I went to work and when I got off in the evening, I went to the bus stop and thank goodness that creepy old drunk guy was not there. I took the bus downtown to get my connecting train to go home. The city train was not due for about 8 minutes. So, as I am waiting, I am noticing there are not nearly as many people waiting at all the transit stops as usual because people are just starting to stay home because of the pandemic. However, there is a small cluster of homeless people at the stop. The next thing I know is a guy that is not a part of the homeless group starts walking in my direction and stands about 4 feet from me. He is in his 20’s, he is decent looking, he is dressed nice, he has a stylish haircut, a tattoo on his face and some face piercings. He is looking down at the ground muttering gibberish to himself. Then he looks up with his face pointed in my direction. He lifts his arm and takes his other hand and makes a gesture like he is shooting heroin, even though he has nothing in his hand. Then he says…I do this, then I get really high, then I get horny and I then I like to fuck (he takes both of his hands in a gesture like he is holding onto an imaginary set of hips and he thrusts his pelvis forward). That is right about the time I decided to step away and I make my way over to the opposite side of the train stop. I end up seeing that same guy downtown a couple days later so yeah this was all a hella creepy encounter. At that point, needless to say, I was getting a little fearful of public transit. Stay tuned tomorrow for more of Stripper Life in Pandemic…

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