I have decided to document my life during this time of pandemic, today is March 21st, 2020. I am going to start off with going back to the beginning of March with my thoughts and documentations. On March 2nd I was strongly urged by my intuition to sign up for an online class to become a Reiki Master. This is something I have been wanting to do and it ends up being one of the smartest decisions that I have ever made. I will get back to more about this in just a bit. In the meantime…I first started becoming aware of the Covid-19 virus in the beginning of March at that point all I knew is that someone had come into the US from China, there had been some deaths and soon after that all hell was breaking loose. As each day went by there was widespread panic and fear due to the media.

In the beginning they were only telling people to stay home if you were elderly or had a compromised immune system. I continued to go to work at the strip club I dance at even though I am not young, and I do have asthma. A little bit about me…. I will be 52 in June 2020 and I started dancing/stripping when I was 48. Yes, I know I am not your typical woman over 50 lol. That is a whole other story. Each day at my job there were less and less customers coming in which is rough when you work in an industry where we work for tips only. Then officials were saying people should stay at home unless they had to go to work, grocery store, appointments etc… Each day going to work was also scary because I have a job that requires lots of human contact and interaction. I figured I would keep working until I was told otherwise.

Then I came into work on March 16th and that was when the governor told us that all restaurants, bars, music venues etc.… were mandated to close for 4 weeks. By the very end of the night we were officially closed. So now I am out of work (my only source of income was dancing), I am not able to get unemployment, PTO or sick leave/pay. Ever since I started dancing 3 years ago, I knew that I had wanted to create avenues of passive income. I know because of my age I will not be able to dance forever which means my days are numbered in this industry. Then this major disaster hits. Prior to this I had been working on creating content for passive income, but I had come up with only just a few products and services. Which is not enough to support me (only a few dollars here and there). Plus, I do not know how to market myself or my things.

However back to the Reiki, I have had chronic pain since I was about 25 years old and at times it has been quite debilitating plus I have anxiety. I have been practicing the Reiki on myself 2 times a day and it has taken the edge off my pain and the Reiki has been keeping me very calm and level headed even after major disaster has struck and I just lost my only source of income. I am in awe of how calm and balanced I feel. I had been having panic attacks at night prior to all this happening for a couple months now. Because of the Reiki I don’t have too many panic attacks now and if I do, they are just fleeting. Soon I will be certified in Reiki and I will be able to do treatments remotely (distance Reiki where I do not even have to be in the same room as the person I am working on).

I am going to sign off for right now, I could keep on going but there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be talking about the creepy things that I had to deal with on public transit after all this chao had started. I will also talk about my days directly after my workplace closing and more.

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Peace & Love!


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