I have decided to document my life and thoughts during this time of pandemic. In my last blog post I mentioned that I would write about the creepy interactions that I had on public transit the week prior to my workplace closing on March 16th, 2020. So, on my day off I had a doctor appointment and some errands to run. After that I was meeting a couple friends of mine at a one of the original tiki bars in town. This was before they were closing places down. We chatted about many things along with what was happening in the world. After a couple of hours, we decided to leave, it was about 9:00 pm. One friend walked home, and the other friend and I got on the city train. We live only two stops away from each other and my stop was first. We choose our seats; it was a bit crowded that night. We were talking to each other about strangers talking to us on public transit and about how neither of us is really into that much.

Then this big scary looking guy that was three sheets to the wind was sitting across the way said to me you are pretty. My friend says to him we weren’t talking to you and he says to her, I wasn’t talking to you in a snotty tone of voice. He points at me and says I was talking to her. I keep looking straight ahead because I don’t want to talk to him. Then he says that he deserves a thank you for his compliment. I don’t look at him or say anything. Then he repeats himself and my friends says that he just needs to mind his own business. He repeats that he was not talking to her that he was talking to me. They get into an arguing match and I just keep looking straight ahead not saying anything. The dude just keeps saying that he wants a thank you, over and over.

Then train is approaching my stop and my friend stays on because her stop is after mine. My friend says to me do you have pepper spray or any other means of protection. I tell her that I have pepper spray. I dig it out of my purse and have it in my hand. I get up and walk to the door while the strain is pulling to the stop. The guy gets up and walks to the other door about 25 feet a head of the door I am standing in front of. The train comes to a stop and the door opens and my friend says to me, I think that is guy going to get off at your stop. Just as I was stepping out, so was, he and then the doors closed.

So now this creep is behind me and I am feeling a bit scared, because he is now following me. I walk fast to the cross walk and then I sprint across the cross walk. I make it across and then I start running really fast which is difficult because I sprained my knee at work last month and I have asthma. However, I can run like hell if my life depends on it. I live 3 ½ blocks from the train stop. I keep running and I go down the main street, run across it towards my house. I look back to see if he is following and I don’t see anyone. I do hear a man yelling at the top of his lungs, coming from the direction I saw him last. I run faster, I go down a dark side street to assure that he can not see me and get as much distance from him as possible. I am a half a block away from home and I can not run anymore. I look back but I don’t see anyone, thankfully. I get home and I get inside where I am finally safe… I am going to end this here and I will tell you about the other creepy transit stories tomorrow. Plus, I know I promised to write about isolation so that will be later

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