I love hosting the Sexy Dance Party for Sex Positive Portland!

My DJ friend and I had the idea to have a sex positive dance party, where he would be the DJ and I would be the host back in January 2018. There were so many twists and turns to trying to pull this event together that it actually did not launch until Sept. 2018 and it nearly did not make it off the ground even because I almost had given up on it but I persevered and it’s still going strong! The original DJ that I was going to have do this had an opportunity to travel abroad and so he was not able to end up Djing the event after all.  At the party we usually have between 35 to 50 people coming to dance the night away on the main floor, to awesome lively tunes and we have a cuddle lounge in the basement. This last party we had a new DJ and he was great, he even works for an adult toy company distribution warehouse and as a gift to everyone at the party he brought to HUGE boxes full of adult toys/vibrators in all sizes, shapes and colors!!! It was like Christmas! Sex Positive Christmas!


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Posted by Lady L

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