This beautiful and sensual tea has soft notes of rose combined with soothing herbal flavors and is made with roses and herbs from my garden. Roses have been long identified with love and matters of the heart throughout the ages. Roses can open the heart and lift the spirit. They can be used to overcome grief and to also get the heart ready for a new beginning. Roses are also packed with vitamin C and help to reduce inflammation, menstrual cramps and menstrual bleeding. Lavender is good for mood stabilizing, anxiety, aiding sleep and bad breath. Lemon balm enhances mood, calms the mind and promotes restful sleep. Mint is good for indigestion, bad breath and menstrual cramps. Fennel is quite helpful for anemia, indigestion and menstrual disorders.


3 large Organic Roses with fragrance (do not use roses from a florist or a garden shop/plant nursery)

2 Sprigs of fennel leaf

Several lavender blossoms

A few mint sprigs (I used pineapple mint this time)

A few sprigs of lemon balm

4 Cups of water

Raw honey *optional


Boil the water and while it is boiling prepare your flowers/herbs.

Inspect the flowers/herbs that you have gathered, make sure that they are clean and have no dry or rotten spots. Give them a good shake to make sure there are no creatures living in them.

Pull the petals off the roses and pull the leaves from the mint and lemon balm stems.

After the water has boiled let it sit for a few moments and then put all the petals/herbs that you have collected in to simmer for about 10 minutes. Then strain and pour into a pitcher or jar. You can enjoy the tea hot or cold, raw honey can be added according to your preference.


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