So, in my last post I mentioned that I had an announcement however it all fell through but that’s okay because shit happens, right lol?! So, here is the deal in April, shortly after everything closed due to the pandemic, I had an opportunity to be a sex, relationship, and intimacy coach. It fell into my lap and I grabbed it because this was a HUGE goal of mine. This coaching position was great, it was on call, I got to set my own hours and it was online appointments only. A couple months later we were notified by the owners that the company was closing because the partnership between the owners dissolved. A few weeks later one of the owners decided to pick the company back up and roll forward with it. Things were going great and I had decided that I would start letting my followers know that I now offer coaching as a service.

Basically, I let everyone know that I had an exciting announcement and pretty much the next day all of the coaches got an email from our head coach letting us know that she had quit (this was about  mid-September). Soon after that we got a message from the owner letting us all know that we would be shutting down for a few weeks while he tries to find a new head coach. A few weeks go by and we all hear from the owner letting us all know that he is officially closing down the company because his heart is really not in the business and it is not something that he is passionate about. (It was his partner who started the business and brought him on board, so she was the one that was passionate about sexuality, relationships, and intimacy). Now, my coaching opportunity is no longer available, and I have no desire to start doing coaching on my own because my life is heading in a completely different direction also. I am going to cut this post off here and I will be back on soon with part 2!

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