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Mark your calendars everyone for the Life Style House of Fun party on July 22nd 2016.

Located in Forest Grove, Oregon near Portland, Oregon (address is given out with an RSVP via text please do not RSVP to me or on this website, this is not my party, thank you!).

Come Join Us Friday July 22nd for the Lifestyle House Party

The Lifestyle House Parties are for couples and females only. So single guys please bring a female friend along. There is a $40 Donation per couple at the door. Single females get in absolutely free! This helps cover the cost of food and supplies. The parties cater to people new in the lifestyle whether you are into being an exhibitionist or voyeur or BDSM or a swinger/open lifestylist. The environment is non pushy and easy going. The party starts off as a comfortable meet and greet, and end in a flurry of fun flirtatiousness! No one ever is required to participate in any sexual activity; however everyone is encouraged to socialize. People new to the lifestyle need not be afraid to come because the environment is safe and friendly. Also if you are looking for a mentor into the lifestyle feel free to talk to Tim “T” he is my mentor and he has been teaching new life stylist for over eight years now.


On the main floor is the dining room there is a nice spread of food for everyone to enjoy. BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) the mixers, ice and soda are provided. The living room is a nice space for meeting and getting to know one other, good tunes are playing and a massage table set up there (the music is set a comfortable volume so people can still have conversations). The door man will gladly give you all a massage once the door slows down, if you like the massage please leave a tip for him in the tip jar. In the garage there is a bar size pool table for everyone to enjoy. Also in the back yard there is a 12′ by 40′ composite deck, one side is set up for smokers and socializing with outdoor heaters and a fire pit table to help keep everyone comfortable in the winter. On the other side of the deck, there is a Big Hot Tub in the deck for all to relax and get to know each other in. Clothing is optional in the hot tub. Please no smoking, drinking or food in or around the hot tub!


There are five rooms to have fun in. There are two rooms that are Open or Closed Door rooms, for those of you that want privacy or exhibitionism. If a door is closed please do not knock or open it. Also for those of you that are exhibitionists there are two open door ONLY rooms which are pad locked open. One room has two beds in it which seem to be liked by a lot of people. The other open door room is a toy room, so if you enjoy your fun on the kinky side or are into BDSM, this room is for you. The upstairs king size canopy bed has sheers and curtains for the option of privacy. All four corners of this bed have cuffs for those who enjoy bondage. There are ropes on the end at the top of the canopy bed for those that like to be flogged and etc… there is a variety of BDSM toys and toy cleaner throughout the room for your pleasure.

Supplies are kept in all the rooms for your convenience. Supplies include: non-scented wipes, bowls of non-latex condoms Kleenex, squirt pads and hand towels.

The fifth room is another big room with 3 futon couches, lively music to dance to, plus a professional spinning stripper pole!

The parties run from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. if you show up early please be ready to help set up, thank you. If you stay after 2:00 am there will be no more alcohol consumption, any alcohol in the bar at 2:15 am will be put away.

If you are new to the parties please be here as close to 8:00 p.m. as possible so someone can give you a tour of the house and explain the house rules.

For those of you that are travelling to get there, there is room for four couples to spend the night comfortably so please them know if you want to spend the night. Also 2 miles away there is a Best Western, Holiday Inn, Forest Grove Inn and a McMinamins Grand lodge to stay at.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and having some fun!

To RSVP for this party please text 0722 to 503-270-0095.
To be put on the invite list text 6969

Lifestyle House of Fun

Here is the generous list of supplies provided at The Life Style House of Fun:

Non-Latex Condoms
Hand Towels
Towels for hot tub and showers
Mouth Wash
Propane for deck heaters
Fire wood for deck fire pit
Toy Cleaner 

Other Cost Related to Party:

Hot Tub Bromide
Cleaning Supplies
Garbage Bags
20 loads of laundry

Hope to see some of you there!


Lady L


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