As I mentioned before in my last blog post that I have started web camming again and I have some sexy web cam kittens for you to meet! I have people frequently ask me what is The Kitten Club (Lady  L & The Kitten Club), the kitten club is comprised of people that have modeled with me in the past, present and will be modeling with me in the future, they are also people I have blogged about in my Kitten of the Month feature. The kittens I am blogging about today I have met through the Bad Bunnies Porn Collective, which you can read about here in this prior blog post: Kitten of the Month: Lillian Fiona! So far every one I have met from the Bad Bunnies has been super rad, I am so thankful for Lillian Fiona and the Bad Bunnies collective (nice little blog post just before Thanksgiving right?!).

Now for some introductions and photos, there is a few familiar faces and one new one:

So in the front, right hand side with shoulder length red hair and red with white polka dot hair bow is JeanJezzy aka Jean Jezabel (she is a traveling web cam gal visiting us from California), then me (Lady L) in all black and slightly to the left of Jean, then to my right with short dark hair is Skirt Douglas aka Skirt Reynolds and all of the way in the back at the top with the bright red tank top on is, JaneyMaeBelle! We had a great web cam session yesterday, we all had tons of fun! Maybe sometime you will catch us over on Chaturbate web camming & hamming it up!



We even have fun when we are not web camming!

Well that is all for meow!


Lady L


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