Last October I started a blog post series about sex positive entrepreneurs and my first post in the series was all about Meals 4 Heels. Nikeisah, who is the creator of Meals 4 Heels, told me the company was birthed from wanting to nourish the world-famous Sex Worker industry in Portland, OR. At that time she stated that there were not many healthy food options after 10pm, let alone eateries to deliver to the clubs at affordable prices.

Nikeisah was able to wedge her foot into Portland’s kitchens, which hosts some of the finest and most innovative cuisine this side of the map. Cooking has always kept her connected to her childhood. Drawing inspiration from her cultural makeup she was able to hone her culinary expertise and skills. Her competency was often questioned for being black, female and for being hella gay. Her culinary palate is health conscious and features flavors inspired by the world. Nikeisah finally found her niche within the sex work industry, mostly delivering her delicious meals to strip clubs around Portland. You can read the whole post here:

Nikeisah Discussing Food and Business
Nikeisah Serving Up Meals to the Masses

A few days ago, I caught up with Nikeisah to check in and see how she is doing. I told her that I wanted to feature her business again and I asked her if I could interview her and she said yes.

Q: Now that strip clubs are closed who is your main customer base?

A: My current clientele base has switched to the “Front Liners” originally through a food industry service co-op started by Chef José Andre. I made 50 meals for Legacy Samaritan in downtown PDX in April. Then from that via word of mouth I made meals for Multnomah County Health Dept. That has been twice a month about 40 to 60 meals at 2 locations. I continue to work with Trans Housing PDX, Joinpdx and Pride NW by providing meals for Trans Houseless Folks every 3rd Sat since Nov 2019. Also @snackblocpdx and I recently fed protesters at the beginning of this month. Now I will be putting together approximately 64 meals for Don’t Shoot PDX.

Q: Do you ever deliver to people at their homes or do you deliver to just businesses only?

I now do home deliveries for those in the sex work industry, especially dinner service. I have switched up my menu for dinner and offer a lovely meal that includes a Fresh Sweet Corn Salad w/Asparagus & Tomatoes, on top of Lemon Pepper Couscous. With this meal they get the choice between shrimp or chicken that I toss in @laportenapdxs chimichurri sauce. Along with a slice of @muses_cheesecake. Both women owned businesses work out of the same commercial kitchen that I work out of. I also do deliveries to the public and some businesses too. I would say on average Meals 4 Heels is providing roughly about 40-100 meals in a month.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

A: Fran at Snackbloc/joopjoop.creative and I have teamed up for other sex work positive events such as the showing of Jezebel at the Hollywood Theater followed by a Q & A with Miss Numa (a BLACK former Sex Worker) along with Strollpdx.

Q: So, you teamed up to provide food for these events?

A: I did not do food for the showing of Jezebel, I sold stickers and talked about my busines etc. Last year @snackblocpdx and I handed out toiletries and food at the Trans Pride March and I did sell smaller portions of my meals at the gathering before the march to protest in downtown Portland at the beginning of this month.

Well that concludes our interview, thanks again Nikeisah for taking the time to answer my questions. I always enjoy chatting with you and I find you to be greatly inspirational! Your food is so colorful, delicious, and packed full of nutrition. If you are in the Portland Metro area, I highly recommend Meals 4 Heels for your food delivery service needs. You can find Meals 4 Heels on Instagram @meals4heels and also here is the link to the website:

@snackblocpdx  @muses_cheesecake @laportenapdx @missnuma @joop.joop.creative @strollpdx @joinpdx @transhousingpdx @pridenorthwest @frontlinefood_pdx @dontshootpdx @frontlinefoodspdx

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