For the next couple of months I have a sensual self care theme going on and this post is a continuation of this theme (last month I had a video and this month I have blog post instead). For my own personal sensual self care I created a love altar.

I love building altars it is one of my favorite things. Throughout my lifetime I have had money altars, love altars and Day of the Dead altars. An altar is a great way to develop a deeper more sacred connection to your spirituality. It is a personal space where ritual items are kept. A love altar is a wonderful space for manifesting kindness, compassion, adoration, desire and passion.

A love altar can be created even if you are not looking to call in or create romantic love. It can be for self love or romantic love or peace and love for the entire world. Just be clear with your intentions when you come to your altar, when you pray or do a ritual. Every day I light a candle from my love altar and a say a little prayer to call in love into my life.

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Elle aka Lady L


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