My featured sex positive entrepreneur for the month is Mojo. I have personally known Mojo for a few years now. I have always very much enjoyed our discussions about sex positivity, and we share similar views on this topic.

Mojo became a male feminist because he likes women. Plain and simple. He has enjoyed a wonderful life with female friends and lovers. Mojo wanted to show in his work that while feminism has a reputation for being ‘anti male’ and not welcoming men into the movement, it is possible for a male to be active in the feminist movement as a social entrepreneur.

Now let me turn things over to Mojo…

Hello everyone this is Mojo, in 2004 I founded the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community. It was a success from the beginning, attracting visitors from around the world. Hedonisia was destroyed by the Kilauea volcanic eruption in 2018. Rather than continue crying over the loss, I moved to Portland OR. 

Portland is such a progressive city full of idealistic adults. We think that we will be able to accomplish more with our ecofeminist web projects by relocating in this city. I have taken the lessons learned from years of living in an eco-paradise and brought them out into the greater world. As a person from a Muslim background, I may have left the religion, but the stigma of its patriarchal reputation still follows me. People often think I will be more conservative on certain issues than I am. I stopped being a Muslim at the age of 17 and minored in Women’s studies at the age of 19 at University. 

I became a feminist because I like women; both as friends and as lovers. I have female friends with varying levels of intimacy. I’m always amazed why more straight men are not feminist. If you are a man and you like women, you should be a feminist. it’s that simple! In my travels around the world I have concluded that women are the largest persecuted ‘minority’ on the planet. 

When women control half the power to run the planet which is their rightful share, there will be less war, overpopulation, torture and so on for the simple reason that women are less violent than men. In other words, we need more women to run the world! Men have done so for the last 5000 years and basically ruined the planet!

Please do visit Mojo’s enlightening sex positive websites here

  1. Tantric Ganja EcoFeminist Aphrodisiac!
  2. EcoSensual Natural Birth Control
  3.  SapioSexual Solutions

Now back to Lady L – Thank you so much for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed learning about Mojo and checking out his websites!

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