Are you having enough fun in life? Do you always feel like you need to have your nose to the grindstone? I know how it goes you get busy, busy, busy and the next thing you know you get stuck in your own little rut, I know because I have been there. Having fun is one of the things my daily tarot card readings have been teaching me (the cards have been teaching me to have patience and to have fun). I also love to just do something spontaneous too, which can be a good cure for boredom.

Not long ago I was starting to feel stuck in pretty much all areas of my life…relationships, finances, creativity and just life in general. Pretty much everywhere I turned, I was getting the message loud and clear to have more fun. So, I started to go to fun events and to hang out with fun people. It is also important to make daily things more fun too or to do something out of the usual routine. Such as taking the laptop outside to work on things (when the weather is good) or to a coffee shop or listening to more music and wearing fun costumes at work again.

Another area we can get stuck in a rut is in the bedroom. So many people just do the same things over and over. Try something new, explore new ways to do things or get new toys to play with. Go to an adult store and see what they have there that may appeal to you. What are your fantasies? Have you explored them? If not, why not? These are all good questions to ask yourself. Having fun is sexy!

When I finally started listening to my intuition, I brought in more fun into my life (joy and happiness followed) and things started to shift, and it has been awesome! Think outside the box and free your erotic spirit! Start right now by having more fun today.


Lady L

Posted by Lady L

Elle Le Blanc/Lady L – The Alchemist of Sensuality: Writer, author, speaker and sex positive event host.