How are you all doing today? So, today I am here regarding part 2 of my 2 part announcement and in case you missed the post about part 1 here it is:

For this post I will have to go back in time just a bit…as you know we are in the midst of a major pandemic and in March the club I dance at had to close down. So, of course I was looking for different ways to make money because a girl has gotta eat you know lol! Now a little bit about me one of the things that I love doing in spring and summer is making fresh cut flower bouquets. Conveniently I have a huge garden with flowers, herbs, fruits, veggies and even nuts, so I have a lot of different things to put in my bouquets. So, about mid May my housemate (who is also the home owner) says to me “you really do make beautiful bouquets, I think you are very talented with that, you should try selling them.”

So, in the first week of June I put a table out in the parking strip in front of the house and started selling curbside organic fresh cut flower bouquets. I was not even sure if I would have customers or not but I did and people loved my bouquets! After that I started making and selling bouquets 1 or 2 days a week and I was even getting repeat customers. I started doing research and reading articles about fresh cut flowers. What I found is that there really is a big market out there for fresh cut flowers. The more I worked with the flowers and the more research I did the more passionate about the flowers I became.

Here is the thing I have been blogging about sexuality since 2012 and that used to be my passion. My whole life centered around that for years. I then started dancing at strip clubs about 4 years ago which went along with that passion. Several months before the pandemic I started getting really burned out on dancing and I knew that my days doing it were numbered because of my age for one (I will be 53 in June and this occupation does have a shelf life). I knew that I needed to have some kind of back up plan. After the pandemic happened, I did a few blog posts here on but my heart really was not in it and I found that I was also getting really burned out on blogging about sex too.

So I decided to take a break from blogging for a bit to see if I could get inspired again after that. Doing the coaching I kind of got a second wind however it was not really enough to make me want to write/blog. Then my coaching job that I had also came to end because it closed down (not because of Covid 19 but for other reasons which are stated in part 1). During this time of the pandemic I have been changing, transforming and growing as a person. I feel like working with the flowers is totally in alignment with the person I am becoming. After I started making and selling the bouquets so many things just fell into place. Blogging about the flowers was fun, easy and effortless. Where as blogging about sex was starting to become a chore also please note that is not how I feel about sex itself. I love sex it is fun and exciting, I just think that it is time for me to step down from writing, teaching and coaching about it. This is no longer my passion.

Now, my plan is to start moving my posts over to and if I do write anything new I will put it over there. If you would like here is the link to Medium: once you get there just hit the follow button. My domain name for renews next summer and for now I have no plans to renew it. If I get my posts moved over in a timely manner, I may even close this website down sooner, we shall see. Thank you so much for reading my posts throughout the years.

Sincerely yours,


Elle aka Lady L

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