What happens when the girl next door looks all sweet and innocent but has a secret kinky side? LadyL411.com is the answer to that question!

Girl next door


Hello my name is Lady L, I am also known as “the information lady”, hence the LadyL411 moniker, people started calling me the information lady because I started an erotica blog in 2012 on blogger/blogspot writing stories about my sex positive lifestyle, soon after I started having people ask me for information and advice regarding all things that had to do with kinks/fetishes, sex, love and relationships (I found that people were starved for information). So I eventually turned my blog into a sex positive informational blog with some erotic stories mixed in, I no longer write on the blogger/blogspot because now I have my LadyL411.com website and I just finished writing my memoirs too!

I can be the girl next door one moment and a glamour girl the next. I created this sex positive website to explore sexuality, spirituality and all things sensual. I want the world to realize that sexuality is healthy, beautiful, and nothing to be ashamed of.

I had been trained for several months to be a pro-domme but I had to cease my training because of my fibromyalgia however in the meantime I learned a lot of different BDSM techniques and I love using these techniques to my advantage from time to time. 

I LOVE modeling (my specialty is fetish, retro pin-up style and erotic), I have been modeling since 2008.

Some of the things I enjoy include…shopping, especially shoe shopping, professional pedicures and manicures, BDSM/kink parties and events plus I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rave dance parties! I enjoy having my feet massaged, photographed or videoed (I love more than anything to show off my feet, boots and 6 inch heels off to the world!), crushing/trampling food or objects with my feet is always fun, popping balloons with my heels or stomping on bubble wrap is fun too. I love Hello Kitty, Bettie Page and anything with the Play Boy Bunny logo on it. Music….rockabilly, old time western, punk, classic rock, trip hop and more. I am a huge fan of vintage clothes, retro pin-up style and classic cars. I love road trips, hot rod shows, being outdoors, walks, hiking and cooking sensual healthy foods. 

*If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact me at: LadyL411inc@gmail.com.


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